Name: Angela // Nicknames: Marshy, Ang, Jesus, Kyra // Age: 25 // Height: 5'2" // SW: 135 lbs // CW: 116 lbs // GW: to be happy in my own skin // Bust-Waist-Hip Measurements: 35.5"-26"-35.5" // This is a fitspo/random blog // Please enjoy and feel free to ask any questions. // Aspiring to be the best me I can be. // Where melons grow free!



You know what… It’s okay to struggle! You know why? Because that means you are ready to learn and experience something new.


Did a 10 mile run today.
It was windy.
There were hills.
I got sunburnt.
But I made it.

One step closer to the half marathon.
And one step closer to a very much needed nap.